Thursday, February 19, 2009

Edgar Allan Poe Bicentennial

Well 2009 marks Edgar Allan Poe`s birth bicentennial, as well as being my favorite writer, he has been a papercraft prospect subject for me for years, dreaming I could do anything about him, but without having any skills :P

So now I offer you Poe´s marker for his original resting place

As you can see below in the finished model is a bit tricky to put together but I guess most of you are better than me at this folding and pasting thing.

El 2009 marca el Bicentenario del nacimiento de Edgar Allan Poe, y al ser mi escritor favorito y uno de mis sueños el poder hacer algo acerca de èl pues ahora les presento la làpida que marca el lugar donde fue enterrado originalmente, buena suerte armandolo.

Link and further intructions Below
Descarga y mas instrucciones en inglès abajo
Vampiros Edgar Allan Poe

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